About Us

SpeedShift Art is a design studio that celebrates the automotive art form.  The studio was founded in 2017 by Rob Matthes, an award-winning product designer and illustrator with over 25 years experience in several creative industries.

SpeedShift Art’s mission is twofold:

1) We can help you visualize your vehicle project, before any metalwork is done or parts are purchased.  We will provide a visual roadmap for your automotive project, including exploring color options, graphics, wheels, and interior treatments. No detail is too big or too small. 

2) We fuel the passion of vintage car and motorsports enthusiasts through unique and exclusive art and apparel offerings.

Everything we do is the product of inspiration and painstaking research.  Whether its visualizing a future car build, designing a custom t-shirt, or creating a one-off art piece, each project gets the same impeccable attention to detail.

Art Created with Passion- that’s SpeedShift Art.